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Cleaning Up From Christmas

Over at Seattle Public Utilities ( @SeattleSPU ), they’ve released a a guide for Holiday recycling to help keep yourself responsible over the Holidays and New Year. From December 26th to January 31st, residents should put their retired Christmas trees and other allowable holiday greens (see the SPU website for details) next to your food and yard waste containers on your regularly scheduled collection day. Pickup is offered free of charge. Trees placed out for pickup must meet the following requirements:

  • Trees must be trimmed to 6-feet or shorter
  • Trim branches to less than 4-feet to fit into the collection trucks
  • Bundle each section with string or twine (not plastic or nylon)
  • Remove any metal, lights, ornaments, or other decorative objects

If you miss your pickup day or just want to get that tree out of your yard as soon as possible, drop off locations are also available  at dump transfer stations through the same period, also without any charge. Requirements are a little more lax for drop-off, for example, if you have a “plus size” tree:

  • Trees must be less than 8-feet tall
  • Trunks can’t be more than 4-inches in diameter
  • Remove any metal, lights, ornaments, or other decorative objects
  • Limit 3 trees per vehicle

Transfer station locations and hours are available here.

The guide also offers tips and instructions on getting rid other holiday leftovers, such as used up batteries, dead Christmas lights, clothing, electronics, gift wrap and more.

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