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HopeWorks to Manage Everett Safe Streets Work Crew in 2017

HopeWorks Station, Everett - Credit Google StreetView

At the December 21st Everett City Council meeting, HopeWorks Social Enterprises of Everett, WA was awarded a contract for $110,000 through 2017 to manage the Safe Streets Work Crew  starting in 2017. The program provides a voluntary work crew program for non-violent offenders that includes litter pick-up, referrals to treatment, motivational programming and development of the soft skills required to enter into the employment market. According to the City Council summary statement, the Prosecutor’s Office can directly refer appropriate misdemeanor cases to the program as an alternative to incarceration or fines, which in turn should free up the City Attorney’s office to focus on cases better suited for additional prosecution. The program was piloted in 2016 and had been previously managed by Friendship Diversion Services, headquartered in Olympia, WA.

According to the scope of work for the program, the target area for the period of HopeWork’s contract is the Broadway corridor from 17th Avenue to 41st Street and the area to the east of Broadway to the Snohomish River. HopeWorks is to provide all equipment for the activities under the contract, as well as a work crew manager to supervise the individuals selected for the program.

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