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Seattle’s Sandbox Radio Closes 2016 with New & Improved? Live Show


Husband and wife theater duo, Leslie Law and Richard Ziman, brought 2016 to a close with another installment of their locally grown radio variety show, Sandbox Radio, in New & Improved?, this past Friday night at the ACT Theater in downtown Seattle. While immediate comparisons can be drawn to NPR’s Prairie Home Companion, New & Improved? presented a uniquely Seattle urban twist, with acts ranging from a charming piano solo by The Love Markets’ Angie Louise, a campy time travel skit to the birth of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, political satire and more. The show, recorded in front of theater audience, will add to Sandbox’s collection of over 20 episodes, currently archived here. Admittedly, while listening to the podcast is highly recommended, attending an incredibly animated live show is a must – if nothing else to watch the wizardry of the sound effects team conjuring a bevy of acoustic creations on everything from shoes, balloons, to surgical gloves. Seeing their hands move from button to bell to prop door and back again is akin to a sugar high child playing Simon at full steam.


New & Improved? was a truly enjoyable experience to help forget the year behind us, further enhanced by intermission libations and an engaged crowd. In line with the previous article on giving opportunities in arts and culture around Seattle, you can also support Sandbox Radio by making a tax deductible donation here, with added perks available such as preferred seating, exclusive invites, and donor recognition.


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