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First Seattle City Council Meeting of ’17 Approves Kiwanis Ravine Natural Area Expansion

Seattle City Hall - Credit Google Streetview

The first full Seattle City Council meeting of 2017 adjourned on Tuesday January 3rd, 2017, approving the acquisition of an additional 4,400 square feet adjacent to the Kiwanis Ravine Natural Area (also known as Kiwanis Memorial Preserve Park) at 4451 33rd Avenue W for $158,000, with an additional $27,000 set aside for administrative costs associated with the purchase. The City currently owns and manages 16.5 acres of land in the Ravine, the original portion of which was donated in 1956 by the Kiwanis Club of Seattle.


Location of Kiwanis Ravine – Credit Google Maps

The ravine is said to be home to the largest Blue Heron rookery in the City. The City has wanted to acquire the property since some time in the 1990s, but only recently had the current owners been willing to offer it for purchase. The acquisition is scheduled to close January 13, 2017. The Council approved the measure in full (8-0).


Blue Heron – Credit

In addition to the parks expansion, Vaughnetta J. Barton was approved as member, Seattle Public Library Board of Trustees, for a term through April 1st, 2018. Per her bio on the  Seattle Public Library’s website:

Barton is managing the University of Washington School of Social Work’s (UWSSW) collective impact project, Communities in Action. Previously, Barton was the executive director of the Foundation for Early Learning and has held senior leadership positions in the credit union, mentoring, philanthropic and welfare-to-work sectors. Barton currently serves on the UWSSW’s Field Education Advisory Committee and is a member of several social justice organizations. Barton is a former German Marshall Fund Fellow and an alumna of Leadership Tomorrow. Barton earned her master’s degree in social work from the University of Washington with a concentration in Administration, focusing on children, youth, and families. Barton graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology.

Councilmember Rob Johnson, of District 4 (Northeast Seattle), was excused from the meeting.

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