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Crafted Brews & Civic Engagement Meet at Seattle Central Neighborhoods Open House Jan 10th

Optimism Brewing Company - Credit Optimism Brewing Company

On January 10th from 6-8pm, a number of city departments will convene on Capitol Hill’s expansive Optimism Brewing and host a Housing Affordability and Livability (HALA) open house, where residents can hear and provide inputs on plans to generate more affordable housing, improve transportation services, and new parks investments.

The Central communities represented in the meeting include:

  • 23rd and Union-Jackson
  • Eastlake
  • First Hill / Capitol Hill
  • Madison Miller
  • Upper Queen Anne

In particular, Seattle Parks and Recreation will review the 2017 Development Plan, which is a 6-year plan that documents and describes Seattle Parks and Recreation facilities and lands, looks at Seattle’s changing demographics, and lays out a vision for the future of these city elements via capital expenditures and acquisitions.

The plan approaches city livability by looking at both equity and population density mapping, as one of many tools, to help formulate priority areas for acquisition of the Seattle Parks system. The intent is to gain a more accurate picture of access, by measuring how people walk to a park or facility. This is being referred to as ‘walkability’. Walkability is defined as the distance a person walks in 10-minutes or approximately 1/2 mile. From the perspective of the 2017 Development Plan, the distance being measured is that from a park, which in turn is being factored into neighborhood design as well as future parks acquisitions.

Seattle Parks will also share an update on Cal Anderson Park improvements scheduled to occur this year, including interior renovation of the comfort station to ADA accessible all-gender restrooms, a lighting study, repairs to the Cal Anderson Fountain filtration system, and construction of a new ADA path.

Other departments that plan to participate in the Open House include:

  • Seattle Department of Neighborhoods
  • Seattle Department of Transportation — Move Seattle / Madison Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) / neighborhood greenways
  • Office of Planning & Community Development
  • Office of Housing for HALA
  • Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections — Parking Reform

In addition to participating in the urban development process, be sure to check out some of Optimism’s excellent brews while you’re there. Optimism Brewing takes a unique approach to its menu in sharing names and pictures of its beer selection, but not the style, such as an IPA or Pale Ale. This apparently keeps thirsty Seattle citizens from casting judgement on their brews too early or applying favoritism.

The Housing Affordability and Livability Open House can be found at Optimism Brewing from 6-8pm on Tuesday January 10th. Optimism is located at the intersection of E Union and Broadway in Capitol Hill (Google Maps Link)

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